What do you do?
Our offer includes design and manufacturing terrain and accessories for tabletop wargames, boardgames and roleplaying games. We have a team of talented painters as well, offering miniature painting services.

Why “After Hours Workshop”?
We created the AHW company as a result of our “after hours” hobby meetings. We are a group of friends from a small town in Polad, brought together by tabletop games and RPGs. The AHW was created to support the gaming community and to respond to the growing demand in wargames accessories’ market.

What if I wanted something unique?
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are open to new challenges and projects. We can either design something just for you, or manufacture your own designs. We can advise on the choice of materials and production techniques.

What about your products?
All of our products are manufactured with great care, using the best materials available. We playtest our own designs before we introduce them to our online shop.

How can I contact you?
Phone: +48 576 581 676
E-mail: contact@afterhoursworkshop.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ahwwargame
Or in person – you’re welcome to visit us for a game!